Ingreso Cybernetico Review

Ingreso Cybernetico is an online company that provides tools and training for internet marketers.

They also offer the opportunity to earn amazing income by referring people to the company to use their products.

Some of the tools that Ingreso Cybernetico offers are:

  • Autoresponders
  • Cloud Storage
  • Landing Pages
  • Sales Letters
  • Prospecting System
  • Domains & Professional Hosting
  • Digital Products
  • Mobile Apps
  • Language Institue
  • IC Lead Pages

What makes Ingreso Cybernetico such an interesting opportunity is that you have access to all these tools for just a one time payment. There is no monthly fee for the first month and you join by choosing one of the offered levels, the lowest plan is $50.

From month 2 onwards there is a $25/month fee. This is a great compared to paying a monthly fee to multiple companies in other to get all these services that are a must for any serious marketer who wants to succeed online.  I personally only use the Ingreso Cybernetico tools myself and stopped paying others for providing part of the tools.

How Much Does Ingreso Cybernetico Cost?

Ingreso Cybernetio has a start up cost of $50 for the basic plan. There are 7 different plans that they call business centers. Each upgrade provide you with more tools and increases your earning potential with the company.

The first Business Center in Ingreso Cybernetico which is the “Business Entrepreneur” costs $50.

See below for the available plans…

about ingreso cybernetico

Every other level after that just add up to the numbers except for the last one which is the “Executive Board Level” that gives you access to theIngreso Cybernetico mobile app, a personal autoresponder installed on a separate server just for you, your own marketing system branded to you with your own compensation plan.

You also get access to a FREE 7 day stay in the location of you choice. On top of that you get a condo card and a cruise card.

There are 7 business centers in total, each costing more money than the last. The gap goes from $50 to $7500.

You can therefore make some big bucks with Ingreso Cybernetico when you position yourself at the higher levels.

Ingreso Cybernetico Affiliate Program

Ingreso Cybernetico also has an affiliate program where you can earn 100% commissions when you sell anyone of the products. This is not from recruiting people into the business. Instead it’s all about selling the individual products that Ingreso Cybernetico offers.

Click HERE to get to the official website.


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